Tebe Liku Rai (Suai)

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Tebe Liku Rai (dancing drum) consists of 8 -16 of women lined up in two rows with small drums under the armpit and two men in the middle with a Surik (sword), a white handkerchief up in hand while shaking, dancing and shouting while the women dance and play the drums. This was filmed during the Cultural Festival 2010 at the President's Palace in Dili.

Tebe Liku Rai iha feto na'in 8 to'o 16 hamrik halo lina rua ho likurai iha kalilin no mane na'in rua iha oin/iha klaran ho s

18 May 2011

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dance, east, leste, music, percussion, tebe, timor, traditional

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