Don Kayvan feat. Slim Gotti & 50 Cent - Why You Mad

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http://lovedoesconquer.org - Rap is Poetry is back again crazier than ever with a head busting track from Don Kayvan featuring Slim Gotti, ATL’s hottest up and comer and none other than the king of New York, the kid himself, 50 Cent. The beat was produced by Canadian super producer J Staffz. Look out for official tracks and features coming up with Knoc-Turn’al, Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, Young Bloodz, Slim Gotti, Bobby Creekwater and many many more.

06 Dec 2012

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50cent, donkayvan, gunit, immortal, jstaffz, king, poetry, rap, slimgotti, street

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