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All i Want for Christmas

Merry Christmas to All!! And a Happy New Year!! Meg & Tek are back again to wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!! Machinima recorded in 3D world Second Life Music: "All I want for Christmas is you" by Mariah Carey Meg : Veronika Garzo Tek : Josie Anderton Exec. Producer: Veronika Garzo Producer & Director: hadji Ling Location: Litle Britain Intro Preset: http://svp-online.weebly.com Hadji Ling Productions 2009

22 Dec 2009

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all, carey, christmas, for, mariah, merry, music, want

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SL Painting Colors

SL machinima com efeitos watercolor

25 Feb 2009

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animação, filme, life, machinima, second

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Time by Milne Music

"Time" is an original song by Milne Music. Milne Music is a Canadian artist and songwriter! She is the one playing the piano in Second Life, where she uses the name, Marian Alderson. More Music by Milne Music http://www.myspace.com/milnemusic Machinima Produced and Directed by hadji Ling HL Productions Music By Milne Music http://www.myspace.com/milnemusic

06 Dec 2009

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canada, hadji, life, ling, machinima, milne, movies, music, second, time

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SL Black & White Dream

Black & White machinima. The dream of a lovely one!! Qua 25 Mar 2009 02:26:24 PDT

06 Dec 2009

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avatars, dream, life, love, machinima, movie, second, white

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The Black Chant

Machinima based on the poem by the portuguese poet, José Régio, "Cântico Negro", with a free translation to English. Girl & Voice - Veronika Garzo Executive Producer - Veronika Garzo Produced & Directed by hadji Ling Hadji Ling Productions 2010 Filmed in 3d world SecondLife BLACH CHANT

31 Jan 2010

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3d, josé, machinima, poem, poetry, régio, secondlife, video, world

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Have a Nice Day by Spike Milligan

A tribute to Spike Milligan genious! "Have a Nice Day" is a poem from Spike Milligan, english poet, humorist, actor, producer... He created a new type of humor!

17 Feb 2010

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day, have, machinima, milligan, nice, poem, spike, video